Momentum Business Advisors

Leading a growing and scaling business can be a daily rollercoaster filled with high-fives and challenges that can stymie even the smartest among us. As a founder, president or CEO of a dynamic small business, you need trusted resources to be able to vet opportunities, work through solutions to challenges and confidently act to build your successful business.

The Momentum Business Advisors (m.b.a.) is your go-to group of trusted advisors to address your business challenges. Your investment will produce a positive ROI after the first month.

Your m.b.a. cohort is more powerful than you as an individual in a leadership role – you’ll gain knowledge and perspectives from peers who have a unique combination of your shared drive for success while offering objective advice from their knowledge banks. A subject matter expert is hired for each meeting to add professional guidance for whatever topic is at hand.


Gain answers and solutions to business issues you can implement in your business to save time, money, brain space, gray hair and opportunity costs.

Your cohort of trusted advisors and subject matter experts will offer various approaches to address challenges so you can settle on an action that suits your style and vision. This results in solutions that work for you and your company.

Learn from peers who have “Been there. Done that.” so you don’t make the same mistakes and avoid costly errors and missteps.

Confidence that you’ve assessed multiple options before you implement a solution – creating a strong sense of right-doing and eliminating hesitation to implementation. This allows you to move with confidence, knowing you are making the right decision. Solve a problem before it festers.

  • Cohorts of up to 12 Founders, Presidents and CEOs meet virtually once a month for a professionally facilitated business advisory meeting. All members are associated with B2B tech industries.
  • Topics are selected by the cohort based on the exact issues facing the members – not a predetermined curriculum of topics. All discussion will be relevant to your cohort.
  • Each member receives a monthly one-on-one business consulting session with Mo to work on accountability, strategic planning, vetting opportunities or any topic of your choice. Members can invite team members and staff to join him or her at their discretion.
  • Subject Matter Experts invited for each topic to add to learning and provide expert direction.
  • No direct competitors are represented in each board so you can speak frankly about business issues. Confidentiality is paramount.
  • TABA funds associated with SBIR grants are a perfect use for your m.b.a. membership to work on business and operational elements of your business.
  • Annual retreat to build relationships and advance learning.
  • Membership commitment is one year and by invitation only.
Schedule a 20-minute call with Mo to learn more about the m.b.a.