Strategic Planning Facilitation

Partnering with Momentum will result in a workable strategic plan that has buy-in from all employees and provides a guideline for all they do with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our philosophy is that a two-inch thick document that sits on a manager’s shelf is useless. A strategic plan needs to be pervasive through out the company, easily understandable, simplistic in its goals and achievable. We guide you through the development process, help produce a document that is practical, outline tactical initiatives and execution requirements and follow up periodically to make sure you are on track.

Momentum offers strategic planning facilitation, whereby a professional facilitator meets with your staff and maps out a plan that suits the vision of your company. Not sure what your vision is? We can help develop a corporate vision, its grounding value statements and a mission statement if you need one. If you already have a mission and vision in place, we can help you build a strategic plan to support those guiding principles of your firm. These activities do not have to cause brain damage for you or your company. We have the experience and knowledge to steer you through the important steps of outlining your vision and aligning your strategic plan to support your goals.

We’ll provide professional consultation to guide you through the process of understanding what’s important to your company and then examine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Once in place, we will define the initiatives that support your goals and how the team agrees to address each goal, what measurements will be applied to each initiative and how the entire company aligns with the goals. Periodically, Momentum will review the strategic plan with you as your company works the plan. We’ll remind you of the goals you set and how to focus on achieving them – even when daily events may distract you from the big picture.

Want to get started?

Contact us to arrange for a complimentary initial consultation. You’ll decide if our approach feels right for you and your company.