Reviews from Our Clients

Don't take our word for it! Read what some clients of Momentum say about our services and their m.b.a. memberships.

"These boards are great for working on your business, looking at it from others perspectives and forcing yourself to take the time to do so, but in a painless and interesting way, and with a supportive team who understand exactly what it is like to be a small business owner. Sometimes, you find that you have the answers, but just need the accountability of others who know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day of running your business. Sometimes you need an outside opinion to make sure you are on track, get your business out of a rut, or help you with new ideas. Being involved with the board helps with that. It doesn't take a lot of time to participate, but it is time well spent to organize your thoughts and get you in control of your business, rather than feeling it controls you. Well worth the money!"
Jean Ditslear, Red Wall Communication, Longmont, CO

The greatest benefit of being an m.b.a. member is having the resource of other business owners with expertise in many areas and a different approach to problems within a business. My gut feelings are often validated by discussing issues with the other board members. I look forward to my board meetings because I always feel I have learned about my business instead of just working in my business. I have saved over $10,000 by being a member of the m.b.a. and I would recommend other business owners to join because you will be able to look at your business through other's eyes as well as be exposed to their contacts and expertise."
Trudy Turvey, HealthLinks Clinic, Boulder, CO

I have been in business for over 20 years and a member of the m.b.a. for less than one. Over the past 5 months I have put together my first true marketing plan, with implementation strategies, learned how to interview employees and developed a truly supportive brain trust. It has been well worth the cost!
Corrin E. Campbell, CFP. C.E. Campbell & Associates

I am already reaping the benefits of membership after just one month of being part of the board. It is a great value. Its kind of nice to have a sounding board and learn how other business owners tackle the same issues I have.
Barry Stein, Stein and Associates, CPA, Boulder, CO

What Ive found over time is that experience is sometimes so much more valuable than formalized education. Having a business consultant, not to mention 12 of them, to work with, to bounce things off of, is so invaluable.
Dawn Larson, Colorado Therapies and Aquatic Center

Mo helped me in two important aspects: First, she gave me ideas for raising the profile of my business by gaining unique endorsements -- not just testimonials, but also gaining certification as a woman-owned business and communicating with a state government office that promotes similar objectives to mine. She also gave me many ideas for local networking. Among her many contacts she included one that I could have seen as a competitor, but with her "e-troduction" may turn into a source of sub-contracting. Mo made it fun to be serious!
Grace Tucker, President,Work Comp Solutions, Boulder, CO

"If you're a small business owner who's tired of playing the "coulda/woulda/shoulda" game, then maybe you're ready to join Mo's advisory board. Members of the board work together in a collaborative spirit to improve each other's business. They hold each other accountable for regular progress toward their own business goals. If you're ready to stop chasing revenue and start building your business, join Mo's advisory board today!"
John Egan, Egan Energy Communication, Lafayette, CO

I met with Mo concerning a new product we were looking to develop & market. We were looking for marketing & design advice for a new office product. I found her advice to be concise, immediate, candid and extremely helpful. Mo gave us a sense of direction and educated us as to how to finalize our product design and how to bring it to market. I also found Mo to be readily available when follow-up advice was needed.
Bill E., Louisville, CO

I just got back from a business leads group and, not only did I have the confidence to go to the front of the room to give my 30 second commercial, but they clapped afterward. You've generously shared many marketing skills and personal contacts with me and you've helped me create a professional identity. My confidence and business revenue has doubled in two months.
Nancy Candea, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

"In addition to tapping into the talent and knowledge of the members, my board membership has helped me to extend my network and build relationships with fellow small businesses. It reduces the isolation of solopreneurship and creates a much needed sense of community and camaraderie."
Roberta Gamza, Career Ink, Louisville, CO

"Mo Kanwischer was our facilitator at the Erie Chamber Board of Directors mid-year retreat last month. She was very personable and professional throughout the day, while keeping the group focused on the task at hand She posed thought provoking questions to the Board, generating a great deal of discussion, and consequently moving everyone closer to our goal. I believe Mo is very dedicated to giving people the tools and guidance needed to attain success. Her knowledge and expertise make it very easy to recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in strategic facilitation!
Elle Cabbage, Executive Director, Erie Chamber of Commerce