Small Business Marketing Consulting

As an entrepreneur, we know that sometimes you just need to run your ideas by someone who knows what you are trying to achieve.


Am I on the right track? Did we overlook a critical component? Are we priced right for my market? Does our plan make sense? Where do I find customers? How does my product compare to the competition? How do we go to market? What should I do next? How do I get employees to care as much as I do?


Sound Familiar?

Momentum offers one on one consulting where you can ask the questions that are keeping you up at night. We don’t tell you how to run your business. We provide the experienced sounding board that will guide you in making critical decisions as you move forward with the growth of your business or new product. Most consultations take place over the phone in one hour increments. This allows you to focus on one topic at a time and as you implement your plan. Consulting plans range from a one-time “reality check” to a six month implementation with scheduled weekly calls. You choose what makes sense for you.


For more information, please contact us. We’ll provide a personalized proposal and pricing that suits your needs.