Peer Advisory Board for Business Owners and Presidents

Professionally facilitated peer advisory boards for small business owners and company presidents in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.


Peer advisory boards act much like highly paid board of directors of large corporations - only on an informal basis. They are used to bolster leaders to be more effective in their roles by providing a structured, confidential place to discuss opportunities, problems and strategy.


The Momentum Board of Advisors (m.b.a.) is a professionally facilitated small groups function as your personal board of advisors. Fellow members listen to your agenda and your challenges and then share their expertise and ideas. Members are from non-competing industries and confidentiality is paramount, so you can talk about what really matters.


Many business owners and presidents often experience a sense of isolation – with no one to bounce ideas off or make sure they have looked at decisions from every angle. One of the many benefits of the m.b.a. is providing a confidential place to discuss whatever business issue is on your mind. You will receive honest input from other successful business leaders who will share their wisdom and expertise helping you make critical business decisions, solve problems, plan strategically for your business, manage your career and thrive.


Don’t take our word for the difference an m.b.a. membership will make in your life, hear what members have to say. Click here for m.b.a. member testimonials.

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