"I have been in business for over 20 years and a member of the m.b.a. for less than one. Over the past 5 months I have put together my first true marketing plan, with implementation strategies, learned how to interview employees and developed a truly supportive brain trust. It has been well worth the cost!"

Corrin Campbell, CE Campbell & Associates

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Momentum Board of Advisors (m.b.a)

Peer advisory boards are an established tool for business owners to achieve improved business and personal performance.

A common success factor in nearly all accomplished businesses is they have taken advantage of advisors who can provide expertise in a variety of disciplines. Hiring consultants and advisors can be expensive and unreachable for growing businesses that need it most. Peer advisory boards are the answer for business owners to get the advice they need, end the isolation they feel and chart their business for success.

Itís Lonely at the Top

A peer advisory board allows business owners to gain perspectives and expertise from other business owners who know exactly what it is like to walk in their shoes. It can be very lonely running a business. A peer advisory board helps put an end to that isolation. Most often, your family and friends do not understand the issues you face as a business owner. You can not talk to employees about business development issues. In a peer advisory board, you will form alliances with successful and respected peers. Confidentiality is imperative and ensures that you can talk about what really matters.

Wisdom of a Group

Your peer advisory board is not a leads group or a networking group. It is an informal board of directors whose main purpose is to foster collaborative learning amongst all members. Each member offers their expertise, knowledge, experience and perspective while focusing on a business issue of a single member. It draws out the best ideas and builds on the wisdom of the whole group Ė resulting in improved decision making, confidence to move forward with vetted strategies and a broader knowledge of business than an individual can produce on his or her own.

Strategizing for Success

As part of a focused business group, you will turn away from the day to day requirements of the job and force yourself to spend time strategizing on the bigger picture of your business. Vision and strategizing are paramount to a businessís success. Where else can a small business owner turn for business advice in a confidential setting? How else will you attain the information critical to running your business efficiently and profitably? How will you solve the problems that keep sabotaging your progress? The answer lies in getting the knowledge, ideas, confidence and momentum to eliminate these issues so you can concentrate on growing your business. A peer advisory board provides the brain power, creative setting, collaborative spirit and tools necessary to improve your odds of success.

Momentum Board of Advisors (m.b.a.)

All Momentum peer advisory boards are by invitation only. We select business owners and leaders to participate in the groups based on their industry, business stage and demeanor. We make sure that the peers in your group are all focused on solving problems and developing ideas. Members must be willing to openly share their expertise and possess the business maturity to know that by helping others solve problems, they will receive exponential growth opportunities in return.

Which m.b.a. is Right for You?

Business Owners and Company Presidents

The Momentum Board of Advisors (m.b.a.) is a peer advisory group for business owners and company presidents. Your m.b.a. is comprised of up to 10 business owners who meet monthly for a facilitated half-day meeting. Members typically have been in business for at least three years, have employees and are in growth stages of their businesses. While not a requirement, most business has $500K to multiple millions in revenue. Click here for more information about m.b.a. for business owners and presidents.

Solo Entrepreneurs

If you are a single person company, the m.b.a. for Solo Entrepreneurs is the right membership choice for you. Members have 2 or less employees and have been in business for at least one year. Groups of up to 10 business owners from non-competing industries meet bi-monthly for a half day. Click here for more information about the m.b.a. for Solo Entrepreneurs.