1. Admit to yourself that your business will fail if you do not spend adequate time managing and building your business. Fear is a good motivator.
  2. You, as the business leader, will have to direct these activities, but you do not have to do all of them. Allow employees to take on some of the responsibilities.
  3. Outsource what you canít do or donít want to do. Hire a part time bookkeeper or a professional telesales rep to make calls.
  4. Create a comprehensive marketing plan with reasonable due dates that give you adequate time to execute the tasks you need to accomplish. Stick to it.
  5. Find an accountability partner to challenge you to keep to your commitments.
  6. Make appointments with yourself to dedicate to managing or building tasks. Do nothing else during that time except those tasks.
  7. If having the money to build your business is an issue, choose lower cost, yet effective, strategies such as social networking, in-person networking or working the telephone to contact leads. These take time, but are relatively inexpensive.
  8. If you are reticent about an aspect that you know you must do, take a training class on the subject to give you the tools and confidence to tackle them.
  9. Set aside one day a month when you do not schedule any other business responsibilities and work on managing and building responsibilities. Donít allow for interruptions.
  10. Contact some of the many organizations that offer professional counseling such as the SBDC, SCORE, SBA, etc.