1. Shine That Spotlight
    Sales people, by nature, gravitate to the limelight. Often times the best motivation for a sales person is to publicly recognize their accomplishment, goal attainment or good work. The good news? Public recognition is FREE. Although not all sales people are motivated in the same way, one trait most sales people share is a vital need for recognition. It is very powerful to cite a salesperson for his or her achievement with a handshake from the CEO in front of the rest of the staff.
  2. Instant Gratification
    Don’t delay when providing recognition. Be sure to provide your compliment right away; it will be more potent when delivered immediately rather than waiting for the quarterly sales meeting. When a sales person gets a win, put down the Blackberry, look him or her in the eye and recognize their achievement without delay.
  3. Teacher for a Day (or More)
    Ask your stellar sales person to share their expertise with others on the sales team. This acknowledges that the individual has excelled enough that you want them to train the others on the team. It also motivates others on the team to succeed so they, too, can have a chance to share their expertise.
  4. The Long and Short of It
    Sales goals are critical for both business management and as a motivational tool. Short term goals which are set and reviewed as they are achieved will provide a sense of accomplishment along the way to meeting the long term goals.
  5. There’s No “I” in “Team”
  6. Sales people will thrive when asked their opinion on a business matter and knowing managers are willing to listen and acknowledge their input. An environment that fosters salespeople (and all employees, for that matter) to share their ideas for improvement can promote loyalty and make them happy – two important qualities to keep those on the front line of your business with the finest attitudes and service.