1. Start your staff meeting with a trivia question. It will set the tone for creative thinking.
  2. Send a “joke of the day” via email to employees. (Make sure they’re rated G!)
  3. Invest in a company mascot – a stuffed animal, a rubber chicken, a silly photograph - and keep it handy at meetings and allow it to be tossed around the office when a diversion is needed.
  4. Keep a fishbowl filled with $5 gift cards to Ben and Jerry’s. When things are tough, offer an employee or co-worker to dig into the bowl and reward them with ice cream. Just saying the words Chucky Monkey makes you smile.
  5. Post cartoons near the microwave. While you’re waiting for the bell to ding, you can get in chuckle or two.
  6. Get an air horn or a hand bell and keep it in a spot where many employees can hear it. When something good happens (new customer, close a sale, solve a problem) make it a priority to ring the bell to announce the good news. Everyone who hears it will be elevated.
  7. Do a little brainstorming when stumped. Get a few people together and brainstorm an idea or a solution. Inevitably, humor will sneak its way into the conversation. While you are laughing it up, chances are you’ll come away with some great ideas.
  8. Supply the office with some gadgets: play-dough, pipe cleaners, magnetic alphabet characters, etch-a-sketch, etc. Workers will anonymously leave humorous messages behind for all to enjoy. Remember to keep it clean!
  9. Play a game of Scattagories, Scrabble or Pictionary with a work theme. Can you image the creativity that would ooze from a single round of Pictionary when you are trying to solve a problem?
  10. When the business gives you lemons, make some lemonade. Share it with the whole office. Yuk it up about the corniness of making lemonade out of lemons and go back to work with a renewed sense of determination.